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Tips to help you keep in email contact (cheaply) while abroad


Having recently helped a few customers with their emails while abroad, this prompted me to write down a few tips that could help you stay in touch with your business. You may not want to carry your laptop, or even take your business phone, but you may need to check in every now and then. Many people now use smartphones, but may not be aware of the extortionate charges that receiving data can incur when abroad.

Before going abroad consider the following:-

• Do you receive your emails on a smart phone?
• Have you checked the charges to receive data abroad?
• Do you want to find a cheaper solution?
• Do you know how to access your emails on the web rather than outlook/phone?
• Do you intend to leave your laptop and phone at home but need to check emails?

Here are some options that could help:-

• A cheaper solution (other than using your phone to receive data) would be to access your emails on the web via a Wi-Fi connection – assuming that there will be Wi-Fi where you are going!
• You can do this on your smartphone but please remember to turn off your data roaming/data services so you don’t receive any emails on the phone.
• Also ensure that you only have Wi-Fi access enabled for the web on your phone so you don’t incur charges.
• Tip – if you don’t want to have this worry, an iPod touch is a great way of accessing the web safely without charge with a Wi-Fi connection.
• If you don’t know your access to your emails online,( use Outlook or similar) contact your hosting company before you go away to get details.
• Alternatively arrange to forward your business emails to a Google email address that you can access easily online though the above options or at an internet café.

If there is no Wi-Fi access or an internet café where you are going – then you have no option but to sit back and enjoy your holiday! Ok – so you may have already been away, but keep this in mind for next time.