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GML has rebranded


Change is very important in business. If your company is operating in the same fashion today as it did when it was first launched, then you will be losing business by remaining the same. You may need just a small adjustment, or a complete overhaul, but every company can benefit from a bit of brand improvement. This does not mean that all this time you have not been operating well, or looking professional; but to be able to move with the times, and accept change is what makes a good business great.

GML made in 2012

Earlier in 2012, GML decided that the time was right to have a complete new look and feel. By assessing our work since our inception, we have seen a considerable leaning towards several business sectors. Over the years we have developed and honed our skills and as a result we now have a great client portfolio within these areas. We do however have the expertise to develop into even more business sectors, which is the way we see our business will grow.

So how can re-branding benefit your business?

The first step is to assess where you are now in comparison to when you started. The following questions may help this process:-

  • Does your image look the same now as it did when you started?
  • Does your image convey the right message to the right people?
  • Have your products or services increased or changed?
  • Has your marketplace changed?
  • How are your competition faring?
  • Has your business increased steadily?

Then think about following:-

  • Who do you want to do business with?
    • What size business? Type of person?
  • What are they looking for in a supplier?
    • Reliability? Experience? Competence?
  • What products/services do you want to promote?
  • How do you intend to promote these?
  • Are you utilising the best marketing avenues?
  • What are your goals, now, next year, 5 years?

So now you should have some idea of the areas of your business that you could update and improve on; this may just be one area, and it may be more. It will however help to clarify whether you are on the right track or you need to adjust.

Some adjustments you may be able to deal with in-house, but remember how important that first impression is. Rebranding does not have to be a costly exercise and GML can help with this in any area you need. Don’t stagnate – this could cost more than a rebrand.