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Over or Under Indulging your Online Marketing?


Have you considered all the tools available to you on the web? Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. are the obvious, but are you using email marketing, blogging, YouTube, Google +, and pay per click advertising to your advantage?

The most value can be gained from the free tools available, but you should first assess which tools to concentrate on, that not only suits your business, but also gains you the most, with the least time spent.

If you are a B to C business – then Facebook is a must for you, it’s free; it’s powerful, and can reach people you could never reach by traditional methods. It is worth investing some time in getting your Facebook page right for you. Make your new Facebook timeline look interesting, you want to engage your visitors and encourage them to ‘like’ your page. There are plenty of guidelines free on the web to help you out. If you want to go deeper and add some interactive pages, you will need some technical knowledge or techie person to help out. That’s where companies with online marketing experience (such as GML) can help, either as part of a marketing package or as a one off service. Facebook also has a powerful pay per click advertising scheme which can be drilled down to target specific customer types.

If you are a B to B business, don’t rule out Facebook, as a presence here is definitely beneficial, but much business now is done via Twitter and also LinkedIn. Although you want to attract businesses, you will find that people buy from people, so you need to build your relationships on these platforms to gain the trust and confidence with your potential clients. Use LinkedIn to fully engage with your audience, you can optimise your profile, just as you can your website with relevant keywords to ensure you are found in the searches.

More and more we are seeing videos increase in popularity. It is a great way to get a message across whilst also giving an insight into your personality as an individual, a company or both. People like to ‘watch’ these days rather than ‘read’. Videos can be placed on YouTube, your website, as links on Twitter or emails and are an extremely powerful way of getting a message across. You don’t need Steven Spielberg’s ability to produce an interesting video, find your topic, get a camera and get rolling.

Google+ for business is growing fast. The difference between this and Facebook is that you can categorise your friends and business acquaintances into difference circles, and post specific material to each circle. This enables you to target your marketing to a specific business sectors and post messages relevant to them only. Google Hangouts is a feature that enables you to invite specific contacts or circles to a video conference, where you can promote your products and services directly to them without a physical meeting needed.

Lastly, blogging is something you should not ignore. Any business can benefit from this and usually a blog page is added to your website. You can send links to your blog on all of the above social media platforms which will drive traffic to your website which you can turn into customers.

To sum up, not all the above may suit your business, so take some time to evaluate the benefits of each and make a decision to concentrate on the mains ones that you believe will benefit your business. If you would like any assistance in deciding the best methods to suit your business, we are always at the end of the phone to help.