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Top Tips to Gain More Business from your Website


You have a website, you have traffic to the website, but are you getting any business? The following tips for increasing enquiries or sales are simple yet effective.

Contact methods

Make a decision on how your potential customers should contact you. Should they fill in a contact form, pick up the phone, email you, register or sign up? Every business has a preferred action they want visitors to complete on their website.

A reason to act

Next, you want to make your visitors complete that action. Why are they on your site? Identify the problem or requirement they have and present a product or service that gives them a solution. Communicate the benefits that will be given if they respond to that call to action.

Be focussed

Too many options are confusing, focus on the main actions you require. Every site will be different in the amount of actions needed. For example the options could be, ‘sign up for a free trial’, and ‘see a demo’, or another site may have simply ‘call’. You can create a sense of urgency with phrases such as ‘limited offer’ or ‘offer expires on.’

Positioning your calls to action

Where you place these are important, you need them to be in the top portion of the page so there is no scrolling needed. Don’t over clutter the area that these are in, leave some space around to draw the attention. Put them on every page not just on the home page. Central positions are good as this is where the eye naturally falls.

Necessary information

Don’t over complicate things. Look at the information you are requiring your visitors to give you. Are you asking for personal details that you don’t need? The more information that people need to impart, the less likely they will be to act. The easier it is for visitors to complete the action the better results you will get.

Presenting your product or service

Simplify your website’s navigation. Your home page should give a clear message of what you provide or sell. If your home page is not clear, your visitors will simply leave. Entice them to stay and want to go deeper into your site. Your main products or services should be easy to find. Aim for one click away from the home page.

Dealing with your enquiries

When you have your enquiries/orders flowing, do you act? You need to make a rule to respond within a reasonable amount of time. People expect a fast response from the internet. If they don’t receive this they will be off to your competitors to see what they can get there. Don’t lose out by being lazy. Set up automatic replies where you can to keep their attention.

Achieving the above is simple, not costly and could increase your profits. Give us a call to see how we can help you achieve more business in 2012.