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Is Your Business Proactive or Reactive in Times of Uncertainty?

Would you agree that many different decisions need to be made before entering into a new venture or to continue running a successful business?

• Why are you going into business
• Do you have an overall plan or strategy
• What if it all goes wrong
• Do you have a plan B

These are some of the things that happen in business, and one thing that we are all guilty of is that we love the comfort factor and panic when it’s all too late!

Some of the companies I get to meet actually now want to get into the 21st Century and have a website that does promote their business.

The not so successful companies react only when business is slow, “what are we going to do for more business?” or “where’s the next sale coming from?”, and before you know it three months have passed, nothing’s changed, the ship is now on an even keel at the lower level and they believe all is good in the world. This is all too familiar and is fast becoming an annual recurring cycle, but can it be sustained next year, and then how much lower can they go?

However, what I have noticed is that the successful companies continually, proactively think about their overall strategy for the website. They keep it fresh and updated, make it interact with the customer and strive to come up with new ideas all year round to develop the business.

With my input as Account Manager we can put together a plan for the coming months and years, where we are now, where do we want to be, and what do we do to keep us growing on that even keel!

By monitoring things such as Google facts and figures, we can gather vital information that can be used to generate more traffic for the future, culminating in more sales, and increased brand awareness for the company. All good proactive practice!
Are you proactive with your business or reactive?

Give us a call for an informal chat. The start to being proactive, does not have to cost anything.