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Getting More From Your Search Traffic

When your customers search for your products on Google, will you be contacted or your competition?

There is some truth in the saying: “If it works, don’t fix it”… However you can make it better.

BUT if it doesn’t work Albert Einstein was right saying: “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

This very much applies to the Web and how businesses use it:

If a business in Norfolk specialises in a product, and there were 1000 web searches for “their product in Norfolk” last month, but they received no calls, should they:

a) Do nothing (maybe they should speak to Albert about this)
b) Change the way they are using the web

Answering a few quick and simple questions may mean they start to get a fair share of those calls at little cost:

• Do they give details of the product on their website
• Can a visitor easily navigate to the product(s) of interest
• Are the details of the product “attractive”
• Are visitors called to action – call to enquire; send enquiry; call back request
• Can a visitor easily find how to contact them
• Do they at least rank on the first page of Google when a valid search is made
• Did they get any hits when this search was made
• When a searcher clicks on their listing on Google, are they steered to a valid page
• Would they buy from their website compared to others listed on Google (…honestly)

The intelligence of Albert Einstein is not needed to rectify any of these.

The cost of making it work, and then regularly making it work better, is far less than the lost opportunities could be.

GML can help our clients know if they should change the way they are using the web, and asking this question doesn’t cost anything.