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The Evolution of Customer Service

Whilst the basic principal of good old fashioned customer service will always apply, we cannot afford to become complacent ignoring the rate at which web technology is growing and the amazing affect to business levels it can have if used effectively in conjunction with customer service.

Technology based customer service can play a very important part in the new and evolving world of digital marketing. Get it right and your business will thrive, get it wrong at your peril. When considering how to get the best out of a marketing budget often considering how to get the best out of the web is over looked.

The perception of a website only being used as a shop window is now considered old school. By using the web effectively, you can continue to provide best in class customer service and succeed in the creation of long term financially beneficial business relationships.

The biggest mistake made with regard to having an effective online marketing strategy is falling into the “we haven’t got time” trap. Believing it more productive to continue pushing for short term sales often spending valuable marketing budgets only on traditional new sales marketing activities, that at best replace customers lost as a result of poor communication. Nowadays customers are using the web as their first port of call when deciding on whose services to buy and whether to stay with that supplier after buying.

Having an advert in a magazine, on the radio or on the back of a bus no longer compels people to use a service, at best it confirms a company is still trading.

If a business could just take the time to consider their online strategy and direct their budget in this area far better results in respect of customer retention, cross selling opportunities and new sales could be achieved. At the same time using technologies such as back end databases, CRM and content management systems would save time and money allowing the back office operations that customer service rely on to be streamlined and therefore saving on administrative costs.

Once set up correctly you can utilise blogs and email campaigns to broadcast services to existing customers, you can reach more people via social media and news updates, customers can sign up for your newsletter. Do not under estimate the effect that good communication has on a customer’s perception of a company that it deals with.

By focusing on merging your customer service activities with your online activities, it is not uncommon to find that all of the benefits discussed above come in at a lower cost than more traditional marketing methods. Therefore by simply committing to changing your mindset you can position yourself to move forward in the most productive way in the future.