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Do We Now Have the Royal Web, and Can It Help Business

I say yes. But first let me explain what I mean when I use the phrase: The Royal Web.
The most common reference to the Royal We is from Victorian times. On one side some say it is rude and offensive as the individual is using it in a form of self aggrandisement, putting themselves above all others.

I, on the other hand, being a glass half full man, see it as a means of encompassing everyone and everything. The person saying it is saying that in their role of a representative they are serving everyone. Their actions are dictated by the wishes of the people they serve.

So let’s move to the Royal Web. Firstly the web is not a ruler. It is there to serve. But royal? Can it encompass everything and serve everyone?

Well the web as it is commonly used today, has been adapted over the past 4 decades or so to describe a means of passing, sharing and capturing information using technology – i.e. communication.

Now let’s take a step back. The web in its original form existed before man and therefore technology. It was, and is, the way spiders communicate and capture. Hence the way web is being used today from a technological and business or human viewpoint.

So the web existed before man. Did communication exist before technology? From the moment there was more than one human, there was a need to pass information on. It may have been as simple as a pleasing grunt to say, “I like you” or a rock on the head to say, “Get out of my space”. Communication has been with us for a long time. With bartering, business effectively became a reason for communication.

Now go back to my original question – Do we now have the Royal Web. What do I mean?
I actually see the Royal Web meaning that technology has now developed enough that it is available in a positive way to all businesses. Money is no longer a total barrier to businesses becoming big players in new or established arenas, no matter what size they are. Therefore the web is effectively serving everyone.

Secondly by being available to all businesses it now means that in the business mix, the web and technology can by selected by all businesses to work with or instead of other forms of communication: the grunt, the rock, speech, smoke signals, land post, telephone, meetings, the press, advertising, radio, television, WAN, LAN, internet, intranet, extranet, email, the web, social networking…

The web captures or encompasses. I therefore call all of the above the Royal Web.
Can the Royal Web help business? Well without it there is no business as there is no communication.

A business can now increase their success by stepping back and looking at all of the avenues – maybe forgetting the grunts and rocks. Be it communication with colleagues, partners, suppliers or customers, the way each avenue is used should be examined and continually reviewed.

The Royal Web means a marketing campaign may, for example, have the website as the central area for capturing enquiries, but traffic is not just led there by using search engines, such as Google, or social networking, such as Facebook and Twitter. There is still a need for using the press and media for actions such as Press Releases, Advertisements (print, audio and visual) and especially word of mouth.

What this means is that any business putting together their “communication” (sales/marketing/procurement…) budget and not looking at all paths provided by the Royal Web is at best limiting their chances of success, at worst increasing their chances of failure.

The suppliers of these tools should also not ignore the other threads of the Royal Web, especially when advising their (prospective) clients. Yes, sometimes, what they are offering is instead of, but in many cases it should be working with. By helping their clients succeed in their mix, they are also helping themselves.