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GML Consulting is an established digital agency in Norwich, Norfolk. We supply solutions and support to a diverse portfolio of local, national and international clients. Our specialist team works hard to be the most vital helping hand in reaching your business goals.

We can get results for you in many fields. We offer branding, website, application and graphic design. We can handle your marketing, pay-per-click advertising and search engine optimisation. Or if it’s technical, systemic and operational support you require, we are able to provide all of the above. Our approach is simple: we listen to your needs, assess and understand your business, then deliver a complete solution tailored to your sector.

With our made-to-measure tools and systems design, we can streamline your processes and increase your staff productivity. The websites and systems we have designed for our clients have received awards for both looks and functionality. We can also offer our commitment to expanding your total traffic, conversions, profits and returns on investments through best practice and expertise.

We are very proud of our constant high standards of work, and the rewarding and long-term relationships with our clients we have as a result, whether small family business or high-profile company. Read more below about the various sectors we have worked with over the years. And don’t hesitate to explore our website further and enjoy browsing our services and case studies. When you’re ready, we are standing by to pick up your project and run with it, working towards the ideal resolution.

Within this sector the focus is centred on accessibility. We work with our clients to ensure that their websites give all users an easy, streamlined and trouble-free experience, reflecting the philosophy, standards and guidelines set out in the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI).

GML is proud of our services in the Private Health and Residential Care sectors. We have provided complete marketing solutions and websites designed to reassure patients that they will receive the utmost care from the highly trained, monitored staff. As a result, customers can feel confident in their healthcare providers and our clients can more easily and efficiently provide their essential services.

Brand development is extraordinarily important in the competitive entertainment industry. If you can achieve the right look and feel in your promotions, your market - dominated by the under 25’s – will repay you with their engagement.

GML consistently produces cutting-edge designs and eye-catching campaigns to complement the performance of the websites which we constantly maintain. As this sector’s core demographic is no stranger to social media, we ensure an integral strategy in marketing campaigns is making regular and varied use of social networks. We also supply member database and guest list management systems for ease of administration. From bistros to restaurants, bars to nightclubs - and in fact any business trading at night - we can provide a complete service that will increase your client base and improve your ability to handle the load.

Within the logistics industry, offering an organised freight management service is often the key factor in success. This can only be achieved by arranging and tracking freight with the right tools for the job. GML partners with several global shipping agencies and warehousing companies to deliver tailor-made products to help streamline their processes.

Some of the services we have supplied include bespoke purchase order systems, shipping schedules and international websites that include shipment tracking. Consequently potential customers can feel confident in the service they receive, and staff can handle the administrative workload with ease.

Currently we cannot advertise the work we've done with clients in this sector, but we are happy to talk through the services we can provide in detail, so please give us a call.

Spending your holidays within the UK has become increasingly popular and the word ‘staycation’ is being heard more and more. With competition so high in the leisure sector, an eye-catching and user-friendly web experience is as vital as your site’s visibility to search engines.

GML works with several UK-based hotel and holiday businesses. Each offers a range of accommodation for rent or purchase including luxury hotel rooms, self-catering cottages, caravans, lodges and camping holidays. We ensure that customer data is captured for analysis, offering complete marketing campaigns plus site and search engine optimisation to increase your overall visibility, customer attainment and repeat bookings.

View the case study of Beeston Group.

The recruitment industry has evolved. When initially having some form of online presence was enough, now recruitment is an almost entirely online process. These days, candidates upload CVs and apply online for potential jobs, rather than meeting with a recruitment consultant. Many employers also prefer the ease of advertising positions and reaching a targeted pool of candidates with little effort and time investment needed.

GML has worked with specialist recruitment businesses in the oil & gas, insurance, project management and offshore sectors, in the process creating tailored candidate, application and vacancy management systems. By providing the right tools, our clients have saved time and energy in their recruitment procedures.

Insurance is a busy industry, crowded with competition and providing a vital service for many. Any presence on the web within this sector needs to be current, professional and informative. Additionally, the administrative workload for these companies can be rather large, so having the right, efficient procedures in place is fundamental.

Our work for this type of client has involved major systems & technical support, and custom-made application and tools design -- customer relationship management systems, for example. Consequently the operations of these clients have been made more efficient and easily managed, allowing for better service to their customers.

Currently we cannot advertise the work we've done with clients in this sector, but we are happy to talk through the services we provide to this industry in detail, so please give us a call.

In any case where training is offered online, it is essential that your site and systems are clear, well organised and completely functional. Information has to be delivered straightforwardly, while delivery of materials and booking systems should be streamlined.

GML has worked regularly within this sector to assist in the establishment of professional e-commerce sites. We have helped in the rolling out of consistently branded international web operations, including custom-made back end purchase order systems. The result for our clients is a marked improvement in customer-facing capability.


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