Gemma Howell

Apprentices – You’re Hired!

I never thought an Apprenticeship would be for me; I stuck to the system of studying hard and left college with all the grades that I needed to get into University. However, I was never 100% convinced… Did I want thousands of pounds of debt hanging over my head, and did I really want to commit three years of my life to a course that I might have ended up resenting? Was I planning to do a degree just because that’s what I felt was expected of me?

I decided to take a year out and work out what I really wanted to do… I worked in retail for a few months, and surprise – was made redundant! During this stuck-in-a-rut period of unemployment, I was browsing through jobs online when I came across an advert for a Business Administration Apprenticeship…


…Which eventually led to me being sat here at my desk at GML Consulting, writing this blog!… Continue reading

Gemma Howell

Quality Promotional Materials to help make the most of your Brand


To make the most of your brand, you need to use every opportunity you get to promote yourself. This means using promotional material – whether you are in the early stages of developing your business and are visiting a lot of conferences or exhibitions, or if you are an already established business looking to improve your marketing approach; having a unique and refreshing range of promotional products can attract interest over the competition.

Providing you have a striking and effective visual design, you can begin to apply your brand across the range. From every day promotional materials to larger exhibition displays, we at GML can cater for all of your promotional needs, and can manage all of your marketing requirements in one place, ensuring consistency throughout.

Make the most of your brand and apply it to every possible platform that your potential and current clients can reach.… Continue reading

Gemma Howell

Start your Seasonal Marketing Plan…

The nights are getting darker, the leaves are falling, and the next few months of festivities are on their way… which means now is the perfect opportunity to come up with a seasonal marketing plan!

With Halloween in October, Fireworks in November, Christmas in December and the imminent start of the New Year 2014, you can’t afford to miss out on promoting your business during these prosperous months…

Don’t know where to start? See below for some seasonal snippets:

Web Design – Give your website a seasonal makeover… whether it’s; a simple addition to the header/footer, a general homepage re-design, or even a new page dedicated to seasonal offers or events; the designs you use can highly influence your audience. Think about which seasonal colours and designs you could use that will blend in seamlessly with your brand – you don’t have to stick with clichéd or tacky design options, create something new and exciting!… Continue reading