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Know What You Want to Make the Web Work

The biggest cost to you and your business of the Web could be time, or rather WASTED TIME.

This can especially be the case for owners/managers of SMEs or senior executives of large companies. It is very easy to spend hours or even days surfing the web on search engines such as Google or on social networking such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or ipatter, looking for “ideas” on how it can help your business.

Well this is the wrong way around! There are too many ideas; too many ways to get lost and too many ways to waste your valuable time.

This was highlighted to me when at a recent face to face networking event when I was having a chat with a senior partner at a professional services company. I asked him if his organisation used social networking such as Twitter.… Continue reading


Identify Your Client to Make the Web Work for You

Knowing your customers is the vital component of any business or marketing plan… no clients, no business. A business needs to know:

•    Who their existing/potential customers are
•    What do they want
•    Why do they/will they buy from our business

The Web has added new dimensions to the following questions:

•    How do they/will they buy your products or services
•    How will the customer now use your products
•    How do you provide your product to your client
•    Where are your clients – local/national/global
•    Demographics of the buyer(s) in your client (age, gender, location etc) may change – can it be broader or does it have to be more focussed
•    Will the buyer in your client change – different family or staff member; national rather than local
•    Are there new influencers to your target customer – for things such as emotional factors and awareness (“word of mouth” is now huge)
•    Do you have more competition for your target customer

It may have added new dimensions, but it has not necessarily made it more complicated.… Continue reading


Help Charity with the Web

I was at a business exhibition in Newmarket yesterday and among the many organisations I networked with were 4 charities – local and international. They all said the same thing, “we need to communicate with business more.”

I then watched the Hairy Bikers on TV last night, supporting another charity, Meals on Wheels.

I have to stick my hand up to being guilty of the same thing with all 5 of these charities and most others:

“I didn’t know”

I know charities and other good causes want something, but I don’t know what. The easy assumption is always money, often the case, but not always. It may also be time, resource or something else. Often the “giving” is not just fulfilling, it is fun.

What they all need is information; or rather the flow of information. As the people I spoke to yesterday said “communication”.… Continue reading